Applied UV cc specialises in UV water disinfection, which is a non-chemical method to treat contaminated water. We have been active in the UV disinfection industry since 1990 and have extensive experience in this field.

UV water disinfection systems are designed around a number of factors such as water quality, flowrate and UV dose required.

Water quality is a function of the clarity of the water and the dissolved substances in the water. Both these factors will effect the UV transmission of the water and, consequently, the size of the system.

The flowrate will directly effect the design and sizing of the system, as a certain exposure time is required to have efficient disinfection.

Locally manufactured stainless steel unit for RO water on blood dialysis machine

The UV dose is a function of the exposure time and the available UV power and is expressed in mJ/cm2. Both of the above factors will have an effect on the UV dose.

It is very important to take these factors into account when choosing a UV disinfection system and to make sure that the system selected can achieve the correct UV dosage required to have efficient and effective disinfection.

We manufacture our own range of equipment under the UVPURE name and have installed hundreds of these units for a variety of applications. These units are available with uPVC or stainless steel chambers. 12V DC systems are also available. Due to local manufacture the UVPURE units are very economically priced.

Applications range from drinking water to borehole water, food and pharmaceutical industry, mineral water bottling, beverage industry, fish farming and aquaculture (both sea and fresh water).

InLine drinking water system

UV is now also being used to treat effluent. These systems are very efficient and economical.

For applications requiring larger flows and/or more sophisticated monitoring we supply systems from Berson UV in Holland. Berson UV has extensive experience in potable water and effluent treatment. For effluent treatment special units are designed for open and closed channels.

The Berson systems have UV monitors for constant control and also manual/automatic cleaning mechanisms for maintenance free operation. Larger systems also include energy control and complete automation with microcomputers.

For potable water treatment we normally only require the UV transmission and the peak flowrate to make a recommendation.

UV is also used to disinfect surfaces with open UV lamps, especially in the food and beverage industry. This is used on items such as packing foil, plastic cups, bottles, bottle caps and products on a conveyor belt.

With no chemicals required, UV disinfection is very environmentally friendly and does not change the water in any other way.


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