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Applied UV cc specialises in UV water disinfection, which is a non-chemical method to treat contaminated water. We have been active in the UV disinfection industry since 1990 and have extensive experience in this field. More...

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UVPURE Water Steriliser
Our UVPURE Water Steriliser system combines technology and reliability to give you the most robust and functional UV Water Steriliser available.

Drinking water for farms, houses, hospitals, hotels and communities without treated water.
Treatment of effluent and pretreated sewage.
Treatment of seawater for fish processing.
Disease control in ornamental ponds, aquariums and aquaculture operations.
Shellfish purification systems.
Product and washing water for beverage, pharmaceutical and food industry.
Control of microorganisms in cooling towers and heat exchanges.
Mobile, solar-powered systems also available.
Also available with stainless steel chamber construction.

Technical specifications
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Simple installation
Virtually maintenance free
Kills all types of microorganisms
Immediate effect
Low power consumption
uPVC construction for minimum outlay
No chlorine or other chemicals required
Uses high efficiency, low pressure UV lamps
Manufactured in the RSA with short lead times


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